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True Greece is a different kind of Greek travel company, delivering an experience focused on authenticity, intimacy, and personalized luxury in the Greek isles and mainland.

True Greece was born out of the unique personal experience of our President and CEO, Christos Stergiou. Christos grew up on the Greek Island of Patmos, learning the art of Greek hospitality at the feet of his parents, who own and operate one of the island's leading boutique resorts. He then moved to the U.S., where he completed his studies in Economics at Brandeis University, worked at the economic consulting firm of Charles River Associates Inc., and earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Through those ten years of studying and working in the U.S., Christos realized that there were few appealing alternatives for travelers who wished to take a trip to the Greek Islands that balanced personalized luxury with authenticity. Thus he found himself frequently helping friends and colleagues plan trips to Greece, and he often met these friends in the islands to help guide them along their way.

Ultimately, Christos recognized that with his intimate local knowledge of the Greek isles, a strong hospitality background, and a true understanding of the high-end traveler, he could deliver something that others couldn't - a luxurious Greek island trip that allowed U.S. clients to not just visit Greece but to truly experience Greece. With the help of Ben Rowe, a fellow graduate of Stanford Business School, True Greece developed from a great idea into a professionally run and creatively managed business.

Christos has been continuously recognized every year since 2008 by Conde Nast Traveler magazine as one of the World's Top Travel Specialists for Greece. Additionally, Christos has also been consecutively selected since 2009 by Travel + Leisure for the magazine's A-List as one of the Top Travel Agents globally. These annual awards recognize Christos for his extensive knowledge and unparalleled insight on the Greek isles and culture, and for his savvy execution of customized vacations that deliver an authentic Greek experience.

Our clients' own words best describe the company and encapsulate the True Greece vision, brought to life by our core True Greece team presented below.

The True Greece Team
Christos, FounderWhat motivates me most and makes me proud of True Greece is the feeling I have after reading the testimonials of our guests, who describe in heart-felt words their gratitude for having experienced our beautiful country under the unique True Greece guidance. Reflected in their words, I see the immense efforts of the talented people with whom I have the joy to work, and who invariably share the same vision of granting our guests happiness.
Christos, Founder
Anthony, Manager, OperationsReceiving the benefits of working in a profoundly friendly environment that is geared around creativity, efficiency, and high-performance allows me to create unforgettable experiences for our guests. It is my way of passing on to all of you the fulfilment that I get to enjoy in my daily work.
Anthony, Manager, Operations
Eliza, Manager, ExecutiveBeing part of the True Greece family gives me the opportunity to work with talented people in order to fulfil our guests’ expectations. Our primary goal is to create unique and authentic travel experiences, and it gives us all great pleasure and satisfaction to hear our guests’ feedback, realizing that we have not simply fulfilled their expectations, but that we have surpassed them.
Eliza, Manager, Executive
Nora, Manager, Travel SalesAs part of the True Greece team I have the pleasure of working in a friendly environment with professionals who all share the same dedication and love for their country. Creating “once in a lifetime” travel experiences where every traveler has nothing to worry about, but simply enjoying the stunning beauty of Greece is the aim and common goal of each of us. Receiving our guests’ positive feedback and appreciation for the trips we create is definitely most rewarding.
Nora, Manager, Travel Sales
Dimitra, ConciergeSharing the love for my country with people who want to meet it is exciting. Doing it in a friendly environment with professionals who feel the same is an opportunity to create a once in a life-time experience for TrueGreece guests. We aim to produce trips that are made to impress with their excellence and attention to detail - we are proud to succeed as members of the TrueGreece family.
Dimitra, Concierge
Maria, ConciergeDefinitely, traveling is all about exploring and discovering while interacting with different cultures and being introduced to various customs. Traveling with True Greece, though, includes more than that; it’s all about creating once in a lifetime experiences dedicated to service excellence and high standards. Ensuring that every trip stays engraved in each of our guest’s soul as part of my daily job is what makes me proud of.
Maria, Concierge
Oona, ConciergeWorking in such a friendly environment with people who are solely committed to ensuring complete guest satisfaction is not only inspiring but an incentive to strive even harder on a daily basis. It is a privilege to be part of TrueGreece and be able to provide an exemplary service, always aiming at fulfilling our TrueGreece guests' expectations.
Oona, Concierge
Tess, ConciergeThis is the travel era, and what’s more beautiful than authentic and detail oriented experiences to Greece and the Mediterranean region! Every day is an exciting journey that as a member of the TrueGreece team I get to share and deliver to our guests. It’s all about feeling the destination and appreciating the time to explore and enjoy, while at the same time, everything is designed, applied and taken good care of by our team.
Tess, Concierge
Marianna, ConciergeIt’s a great joy being part of the TrueGreece team - a diverse group of talented people who all share the same deep passion for what they do. We are committed to offering our guests travel experiences of the highest quality, combining our everyday energy and enthusiasm with our experience and above all the love for our country and its unique destinations!
Marianna, Concierge
Demetris, Transfers Co-ordinatorLiving in post-Olympic Games Athens, a friendly and comfortable city full of history and sights, a visitor instantly loves being a part of it. My motivation is your presence in that city, giving me and True Greece an opportunity to make your transfers enjoyable. Your smiles and satisfaction depicted on your faces as you leave our beautiful country is what truly makes me love what I do.
Demetris, Transfers Co-ordinator
Eleni, Lead Tour GuideWalking on the steps that men like Socrates or Plato stepped on and explaining the Greek heritage to our guests is an experience I cannot get enough of. I love my country, and I love its history; it is through this exploration of ancient Greece and glorious times past that I try to convey to my guests our nation's evolution into the beautiful Greece of the modern age.
Eleni, Lead Tour Guide
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