TrueGreece Credo
TrueGreece ®True Greece Credo
1. Company Mission True Greece is a travel company with a mission of delivering to visitors of Greece and Turkey a flawless experience focused on authenticity, intimacy, and personalized luxury. True Greece promises and delivers a travel experience only a Greek or Turkish friend could plan for our guests; we care for each guest’s experience as much as we would for our friends and family and our customers expect nothing less. We are in constant pursuit of improving our travel products, guest experiences, and the quality of the True Greece services-be it through our own affiliate network or our supplier network.

2. Core Values True Greece is a noble concept and not just a company: we strive to be a leader in the international travel industry, example for operational and logistical excellence, customer service, and respect for our guests and affiliates. We are resolute on the ethics and social responsibility that defines our company’s existence. Each individual is responsible for passing our ethical standpoint to new team members.

3. Working Environment True Greece is committed to fostering a stimulating working environment of collaboration and professional excellence for driven and hard-working individuals comprising our team. Mediocrity is not tolerated. We foster a highly entrepreneurial company culture, with team players claiming ownership of what we accomplish as a company. We recruit capable people who want to learn, contribute, and grow within an organization; we embrace and respect our colleagues, both train and learn from others, and provide each other and our company cumulatively with the proper tools to excel our individual skill set and the team’s capabilities. At the core of our people’s work lies their personal and corporate professional excellence, as well as the constant search for improving the way we conduct our business, offer our services, and expand our geographical and product reach.

4. Personal Fulfilment We take pride in what we do, receive satisfaction from our company’s growth and achievements, and enjoy working with each other for the noble cause of giving people happiness. Man or woman, emotional or not in nature, it is the ultimate pursuit for all of us to receive our guests’ heartfelt comments of gratitude, oral or written. It is a sign that we love what we do-for those comments are a result of our efforts-and that we do it well. And that in itself is a gratifying feeling compensating us for the hard work we do daily and for spending a large part of our everyday lives fulfilling the True Greece vision.

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