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True Greece Customized Trip Questionnaire

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Interested in a customized trip? Please fill out our True Greece Customized Trip Questionnaire below and we will respond promptly with suggestions!

Prices for customized True Greece trips start at $250 per person per day.
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B. Itinerary Preferences
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D. Activity & Experience Preferences
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Prefer to hit the top attractions and most popular destinations
Prefer a mix of both experiences
2. Please select the features of a Greek island that would appeal to you most (leave blank if not important):

  Cultural Experiences
  Excellent Restaurants
  Extensive Sightseeing/Famous Landmarks
  Opportunity to meet and interact with locals
  Nice Beaches
  Rich Nightlife
  Romantic Settings
  Scenic Landscapes
  Other (please specify):
3. Please list activities that you are most interested in experiencing while in Greece:
E. Comments
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  1. The date denotes the departure date from your country of origin. Your arrival in Greece and start of your True Greece experience will occur one day later if you are travelling from the U.S., or on the same day if you are traveling from Europe or Asia.
  2. Your arrival in your home country will occur on the same day if you are returning to the U.S., Europe, or Western Asian countries, and on the next day if you are returning to Eastern Asian countries.
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