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Santorini - Sikinos - Paros - Naxos - Mykonos Cyclades Islands

Santorini Private Yacht Charter - Greece Yacht Charter, Cyclades Sailing Trip, Santorini, Sikinos, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos


Start your wonderful Greek islands sailing trip from the spectacular Santorini and sail past the famous Santorini caldera as you make your way to the island of Sikinos, an off the beaten path island that will definitely help you relax. After exploring Sikinos, make your way to the lively island of Paros and visit its famous church, the Panagia Ekatontapiliani, or discover the wonderful Paros beaches. From Paros move on to Naxos, the "playground" of Zeus offering delicious local dairy products famous in all of Greece, and discover its spectacular beaches and villages. From Naxos make your way to cosmopolitan Mykonos, dine in its flashy restaurants and discover the beauty of Mykonos town, not forgetting to visit the majestic ancient island of Delos.

Day 1: Santorini

Santorini, world-renowned for its widely photographed, romantic sunsets and unique, volcanic natural environment, is arguably the most striking of the Greek islands. Its dramatic red and black sand beaches, narrow white-washed alleys, exquisite traditional and international cuisine, as well as its agricultural and wine-making tradition, make Santorini a truly spectacular island.

Day 2: Sikinos

Known as the island of wine or “Oinos” in Ancient Greece, Sikinos is considerably less developed than the other islands in the Cyclades. With only a couple of roads, the island is difficult to navigate, yet offers some wonderful beaches and traditional settlements.

Day 3: Paros

Paros offers a combination of fishing and mountain villages, beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque traditional tavernas, museums and churches. The Byzantine and Archaeological Museums, Venetian Castles, and the stunning 4th Century AD Ekatontapyliani Church, rich in beauty and tradition, provide a wide cultural dimension that few Greek islands can equal.

Day 4: Naxos

Naxos is the largest of the Cycladic islands. It boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna, and is a favourite of visitors who wish to explore the villages and island paths on foot. Naxos may not have the historical dazzle of other Aegean islands; however it is highly regarded in Greek Mythology. It is said that even though Zeus (the father of the Gods of Olympus) was born in Crete, he grew up on the island of Naxos, giving his name to the mountain on which he resided. The Mountain of Za or Zefs as it is pronounced in Greek stands tall above the island, reminding visitors of the splendours and diversity of this multifaceted island.

Day 5: Mykonos

Cosmopolitan Mykonos, with its wonderful beaches, impressive restaurants, and energetic nightlife, offers a more adventurous yet genuinely Greek experience. In Mykonos, freedom of expression is visible in every corner, and the combination of such a tranquil setting with a vibrant social scene has elevated the island to a premier destination for travelers from around the world.

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