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Greece Tour Packages - Greece Tour Package & Honeymoon Vacation Tours to the Greek Islands

Get the Ball Rolling

1. What does True Greece need from me to begin a proposal for a customized trip?

We will need you to fill out our customized trip questionnaire, providing us with useful insight on how to design the trip that best suits your needs. If you are interested in one of our True Greece Suggestions packages please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the particular True Greece Suggestions package you are interested in and arrival dates you have chosen to travel.

2. Do you arrange for honeymoon trips?

Yes. True Greece offers unforgettable customized honeymoon packages for this special occasion. Please visit our Romance customized trips section for details about how True Greece can plan your ideal honeymoon in some of the most romantic areas in Greece.

3. Does True Greece book "hotel only"?

No. True Greece is dedicated to offering an experience based on authenticity and intimacy, delivering a trip that only a Greek friend could plan for you. Even though we could arrange for hotel only packages, we have elected not to do so. We believe that our guests would truly miss out on the True Greece guidance that will enable them to fully experience the Greek culture and beauty. If you are looking for the entire arrangement please visit our customized trip section.

4. Can True Greece design a custom trip for our group's interests?

Yes. True Greece will gladly work with you to offer a custom trip tailored to your group's interests. Please call our expert True Greece consultant at 1-800-817-7098 or send a detailed e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information

5. What constitutes a private group?

True Greece defines a private group as 8 or more individuals traveling on the same itinerary.

6. Is airfare included in the True Greece programs? Can I book my international flight through True Greece?

The price for all of our tours and customized trips does not include the international airfare. We would be more than happy to assist you with your international airfare but frankly we would encourage you to book on your own. Since our operations office is based in Greece, all we can do is provide to you the quote that the system shows us when we inquire. Additionally, the era that travel agents received significant discounts on airfare is long gone in the presence of the internet. Our experience shows that you would be receiving a better quote by purchasing your international airfare through the internet or through a wholesaler. In addition, by booking your transatlantic flight on your own, you have more flexibility and control of your choices - in real time.

7. I have a walking limitation. Can I participate in a True Greece tour?

Participants in a True Greece trip must be ambulatory so that they can get on/off motorcoaches and ferries. Additionally, most island hotels have a large number of steps without the presence of elevators, some hotel stairs are narrow, and island villages have rough pavement and a large number of steps. If you have further questions on accessibility, please feel free to contact our expert True Greece consultant at 1-800-817-7098.

8. Does True Greece work with travel agents?

Yes. A travel agent can enhance your trip by providing information and advice not contained on this Web site. True Greece has relationships with America's best travel agents and would be pleased to work with yours.

9. What are the True Greece office operating hours?

The True Greece offices are open weekdays Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern European Time (EET/Greek time), Fridays from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm EET/Greek time and are closed on the weekends, while accommodating emergency calls for our guests in Greece at the time. We would be happy to talk to you over phone in order to provide additional information - please do not hesitate to contact us at 1 800 817 7098 (US) or +30 210 61 20 656 ( Greece).

10. What is the difference between Truegreece, TrueFrance, TrueItalia, TrueSpain, TrueTurkey?

True Greece is the parent company under which there are four distinct luxury travel brands in the form of True France, True Italia, True Spain and True Turkey. True Greece promises a Mediterranean travel experience that only a local friend could plan for you, regardless of your destination – Greece, France, Italia, Spain or Turkey. True Greece strives to maintain the same levels of service and quality throughout the Mediterranean that have propelled us to the top of our industry.

It's in the Details

11. What is the activity level on True Greece tours? Are True Greece scheduled trips strenuous?

Our programs are of a potentially moderately rigorous nature, but definitely not strenuous. Even though some scattered ferry travel is included in the packages, you will not feel overwhelmed by the quantity of travel. Our trips are not a forced march and allow for plenty of free time. Scheduled activities are not mandatory, except, of course, for transfers between islands. In order to fully enjoy the experience, travelers must be physically able to endure warm temperatures, walk up and down steep stairs at the island villages and/or island hotels, especially on Santorini, and travel for extended periods by ferry. On any scheduled True Greece trip, there are between 3 to 4 ferry transfers on comfortable, large, modern ferries.

12. What accommodations are used for True Greece tours?

True Greece uses the finest upscale hotels in each destination we visit. In fact, all hotels we use are considered to be among the best boutique hotels in Greece. Excellent quality of accommodation, location, service, and hotel management are all evaluated in choosing a hotel partner. Room types range from double rooms to junior suites, depending on the package of choice. Whenever overnight ferries are used, you will travel comfortably in double cabins. Premium class cabins include bunk beds and a bathroom with shower.

13. Are the hotels air-conditioned?

Yes, all True Greece accommodations are fully air-conditioned.

14. Do all hotels in Greece have Non-smoking Rooms?

Some of the hotels included in the True Greece portfolio have specific non smoking rooms; however some boutique hotels do not have specific non-smoking rooms since they are small establishments with a limited amount of rooms. If non-smoking rooms are requested, the hotels will be informed so that the rooms are cleaned to a non–smoking standard.

15. What transportation means are used for transfers between the islands?

True Greece uses comfortable, large, modern commercial ferries for transfers between the islands, with the exception of the trip to Spetses, where we use a modern catamaran. We also use modern high-speed boats or hydrofoils when there are no ferries available for the specific route of transfer. It has been our experience that guests take special joy in island hopping and the unique ferry ride experience. For air travel to and from the islands True Greece uses Greece’s modern fleet of aircraft ranging from the Boeing 737, Airbus A320, BAe Avro RJ 100 to twin turboprop aircraft like the ATR 72 or BAe Jetstream 3102.

Note, for domestic flights and ferries we always book economy class tickets. If you would prefer to travel in business class, let us know during the planning stage of your trip and we will be happy to make the appropriate arrangements for you.

16. With your van or bus transportation, how many persons are seated per vehicle?

True Greece does not crowd passengers into vehicles. On all scheduled packages, we limit the group to 16 people. All vehicles for special events transfers are selected to have a capacity larger than the group, and most times the chartered bus is half full, providing ample personal room or room for handbags. The size of hotel vans transporting you from and to the hotels varies by destination. All hotel vans are modern and fully air-conditioned.

17. What type of vehicles is used for transfers in Athens and the islands?

For scheduled transfers, True Greece uses comfortable, fully air conditioned cars and transfer vans. Our guests always travel in up-to-date and immaculately kept vehicles appropriate for the territory and itinerary.

18. When is the best time of year to visit the Greek islands?

June through September is considered the high season, with average temperatures that allow swimming in the Aegean. May and October are also excellent months to travel to the Greek isles, and offer an even greater sense of seclusion and escape. The most popular time of year to visit is early to mid-August, when the islands tend to be very busy with Greek and European visitors.

19. Why should I spend one night in Athens at the beginning and one night in Athens at the end of my trip?

If you are landing in Athens and then connecting to the islands, we always suggest spending at least one night in Athens at the beginning, and one night at the end. Staying in Athens at the beginning and the end of your trip allows for a stress-free arrival and departure from Greece. Any delay you may experience to your domestic transfer or your international flight may mean that you run the risk of missing your connecting flight. We always let our guests know about the complications involved with flight connections. If you are arriving in Athens or are flying back to your home country from Athens and wish to connect directly to the islands, you would have to accept the risk involved even though we have advised you against it.

20.Prices for the tours vary by month. Why?

With little variation, Greek summer conditions last from May to October. The July and August timeframe is the high season for Greek travelers, and the increased demand for services raises the pricing of our suppliers. For more information on the Greek weather, please review our weather-related FAQ.

21. What type of meals are included in the packaged trips?

Discovering the Greek cuisine is invariably one of the most enjoyable aspects of True Greece trips. In order for you to have an excellent, truly representative gastronomic experience, we have carefully selected a variety of restaurants ranging from traditional tavernas to upscale restaurants. You enjoy meals as a group during several dinners., and we also include at least one meal at a restaurant you may visit at a time and with company of your choice.

Booking your Trip

22. What forms of payment do you accept?

True Greece accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. A wire transfer option is also available.

23. How can I book my trip?

There are two different ways for you to go about booking your trip.

1/ Credit Card Payment in Euro (Expedited Booking): By using our online payment option for secure payment via credit card you can easily book your trip by clicking the “Book My TrueTrip” button that can be found in your preferred itinerary. If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding the process, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-817-7098.

Once your credit card has been charged, we will proceed with placing your reservations and begin the overall execution of your trip. Please note that this option does not include the cash discount outlined in your itinerary and thus, the total cost of your trip will be adjusted by waiving the 3% discount. This option is great if you collect points, or if your credit card provider offers travel insurance – just a couple of extra bonuses to keep in mind! We accept all major credit cards.

2/ Direct Deposit in US Dollars: By paying through a direct deposit you can benefit from the discounted trip cost that we offer. In order to move forward with this arrangement, please give us a call at 1-800-817-7098 to provide us with your credit card details (only as a guarantee for your booking), and following our conversation we will send you an e-mail with all the necessary instructions on how to proceed with making a direct deposit in USD to our Bank of America account. It’s important to note that in this scenario, will we proceed with placing your reservations and begin executing your trip only once we confirm receipt of your bank deposit.

24. Should I purchase travel insurance?

We strongly advise our guests to purchase a travel insurance package that best fits their needs.

25. When will I receive my True Greece Welcome Package after I book the trip?

The Welcome Package that consists of your transfer tickets, True Greece Recommendation Guides and other trip information will be given to you by the driver during your pick-up at the airport upon your arrival in Athens. In the case that you are connecting to the islands immediately upon your arrival, the Welcome Package will be sent to your home address via FedEx two weeks before your trip departure date.

26. What is the True Greece Recommendation Guide and how is it better than the travel books available for purchase in the US?

We have produced our own True Greece Recommendations Guide, one of the few guides covering the history, feel, and activities of each location included in our tours in a unique fashion: it is targeted specifically to the high-end traveler who seeks an authentic experience in Greece. Other guides might claim the same accolades, but few are exclusively tailored to the guests True Greece caters to. Moreover, since our operations office is in Greece, True Greece affiliates and writers personally visit the locations we recommend, which enables us to have first-hand knowledge of each destination. Additionally, we update the guide according to our guests' comments and personal experiences. We produced the guide because we felt that we had to offer to our guests an invaluable resource that would include the latest information in the most suitable "True Greece" fashion - we couldn't find an equivalent guide in the market place, and are certain that once you have access to it you will probably agree with our claim!

Packing & Preparing

27. Is my US driver’s license valid in Greece?

If you plan to drive in Greece you must carry a valid U.S. license as well as an International Driving Permit. The U.S. Department of State has authorized two organizations to issue international permits to those who hold valid U.S. driver's licenses: The American Automobile Association (AAA) and the American Automobile Touring Alliance. An international driving permit issued by AAA can be obtained through the mail. Permit applications and instructions are available on the AAA website http://www.aaa.com/vacation/idpc.html.

28. What clothing should I pack? What else should I pack for travel to the Greek islands?

Due to three to four scheduled transfers between the islands, we recommend that you pack light for your True Greece trip.

Informal clothing such as khakis, light denims and drip-dry cottons is appropriate. You may also bring a combination of shorts and long pants for your personal comfort. Even though you will probably be able to wear t-shirts or shirts on most summer nights, evenings may get relatively chilly and the wind may be strong, so a light jacket, windbreaker, or sweaters may come in handy. Even though rain is unlikely to occur during the season that True Greece offers scheduled trips, you may also bring a hooded jacket. Lightweight or jogging shoes are recommended for walking in the island villages.

During your True Greece experience, you will at times dine in upscale restaurant settings, or have a cocktail in a charming bar under the Aegean sky. For such occasions, a good rule of thumb is to bring clothing that you would normally wear if you were to dine in a relatively upscale U.S. restaurant.

For entrance to the various churches and monasteries, long pants (rather than shorts) are required for men, and a skirt or dress of at least knee-height is required for women (rather than short skirts, shorts, or pants). Women are also required to wear tops that cover their shoulders (a t-shirt, shirt, or sweat shirt would suffice).

A hat, suntan lotion, and mosquito repellent are also recommended.

29. Are travelers cheques widely accepted in Greece? Should I bring cash with me?

We do not recommend carrying an abundance of travelers cheques, since they are not widely accepted in Greece. Some banks accept travelers cheques and some do not, and many tavernas and restaurants do not. Additionally, you do not want to spend your valuable time in Greece searching for the banks that do accept Travelers cheques. Although credit card use is wide-spread for upscale shops and fancy restaurants, please keep in mind that you are visiting small villages on the islands, and many places will only accept cash. We recommend carrying a small cash balance with you upon departure from your country, withdrawing money in Greece with your debit card, and always carrying some cash on you while in Greece. There is an abundance of ATMs in Athens, and access to ATMs is also available in the islands. Consulting with your bank before your departure is recommended to ensure that you will be able to withdraw money from an ATM machine while in Greece, and that no fees apply.

30. What type of electrical source is available in Greece?

Electricity in Greece is supplied at 220 volts AC at a frequency of 50 Hz. An adaptor for the “Schuko” plugs - which are different than in the U.S- used in Greece will be necessary as well as a transformer if your electrical appliances are not designed to receive 220 volts. For your convenience, you may purchase a small, inexpensive transformer and a European plug adopter before your departure, two items that many times can be combined in one device. Please note that most hotels that True Greece uses are equipped with hair dryers. For further inquiries, please contact our expert True Greece consultant at 1-800-817-7098.

31. Can I rent a car or motorbike for the islands through True Greece?

Due to complex legal issues True Greece is unable to book car rentals for our guests. We can act as an intermediary between you and the car rental company, but the car rental contract will be under your name, and you will be responsible for paying the car rental company directly.

32. What is the permitted weight of luggage for domestic flights?

The Checked Baggage Allowance for Economy Class passengers is 1 piece of baggage, the total weight of which cannot exceed 44 pounds (20 kg). Each Economy Class passenger may carry on board the plane 1 item of hand luggage, weighing no more than 17.6 pounds (8 kg) and measuring no more than 21.6 inches in length x 15.7 inches in height x 7.8 inches in width (55cm in length x 40cm in height x 20cm in width). For further details that may be determined by your allocated carrier please contact True Greece once you have finalized your trip for details.

33. Are visas required for travel to Greece?

Each traveller should be in possession of a valid, signed passport that will remain valid for at least six months beyond the completion of your trip. U.S. citizens do not require a visa for Greece. Citizens of other countries should contact True Greece, the Greek Consulate or Embassy, or their travel agent for specific details on visa requirements.

34. Are vaccinations required for travel from the United States to Greece?

Even though it is unlikely that you will need a vaccination for traveling to Greece, we suggest you check with the U.S. National Center for Infectious Diseases.

35. I have allergies to mosquito and certain spider bites. Is Greece a dangerous environment for me?

Some mosquitoes and spiders exist in the islands, although you will not find them in abundance and they generally pose no threat to humans. Some hotels offer plug-in mosquito repellents, and we recommend bringing your own repellent for additional protection during the night.

36. Is English widely spoken in Greece or will it “all be Greek to me”?

As tourism is an important aspect of the Greek economy and with a flourishing service sector, English is spoken throughout the major tourist areas. All True Greece staff, guides and affiliates are also fluent in English. However please note that if you are venturing off to smaller villages, especially on the islands, you may find communicating with the locals a bit more of a challenge. Additionally as most road signs and road names throughout Greece are also displayed in English, with the help of your maps (which you will receive in your True Greece welcome package) you should be able to find your way around.

37. What is the weather one can expect in Greece?

Average Daily Temperature by month (Fahrenheit)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Athens 51 51 54 61 69 77 82 82 76 67 60 54
Rhodes Island 53 54 56 62 69 76 80 81 76 69 62 56
Samos Island 51 50 54 61 69 78 83 82 76 67 58 53

Minimum Average Daily Temperature by Month (Fahrenheit)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Athens 45 45 47 53 60 68 73 73 67 60 54 48
Rhodes Island 48 48 50 55 60 68 72 73 69 62 56 51
Samos Island 44 44 46 51 58 65 72 72 66 59 51 47

Maximum Average Daily Temperature by Month (Fahrenheit)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Athens 56 57 60 67 75 84 89 89 83 74 66 59
Rhodes Island 59 59 62 68 76 83 87 87 83 76 68 62
Samos Island 56 56 60 67 76 85 91 90 83 74 64 59

Average Humidity

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Athens 69 68 66 63 59 53 47 41 53 62 69 70
Rhodes Island 70 69 69 66 64 58 58 60 61 67 71 72
Samos Island 70 68 68 64 59 50 44 46 52 62 69 73
Source: Greek Meteorological Service (EMY)

38. How choppy are the waters in the Aegean Sea? Will I experience sea sickness?

If you have a strong tendency to get sea sick, there is a moderate probability you will experience the effects of sea sickness at some point on a True Greece trip, depending on the weather conditions on the day of your ferry transfers. If you are concerned about sea sickness, selecting an itinerary with limited ferry transfer time, such as the Syros/Mykonos trip, might be preferable. You may also contact your physician for suggestions of aids that can prevent sea sickness.

On the Ground

39. Will I be able to use my PC while in Greece? Will I be able to access the internet while in Greece?

If you choose to bring your lap top computer to Greece, please remember that electricity in Greece is supplied at 220 volts AC at a frequency of 50 Hz. Additionally you will need an adaptor for the “Schuko” plugs used in Greece as well as a transformer if your lap top is not designed to receive 220 volts. 
Most of the hotels included in the True Greece portfolio either have hard line internet access (where you will have to unplug the telephone and plug in your computer) or wireless internet access. In the rare occasions that you may not be able to access the internet via your own computer some hotels will have PC’s with internet access.

Additionally keep in mind that there are also plenty of internet cafes both on the islands and Athens where you may access the internet, or copy pictures from your digital camera to a CD.

40. How can I call home from Greece? How can I be contacted in Greece from home?

The international telephone code for the United States is 001 followed by the area code and phone number. Please do not forget when calling home that Greece is several hours ahead of US time depending on the specific state. Although you may call from the hotel please keep in mind that on occasion there may be a surcharge for calls made. For a more economical solution, we would recommend using the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE) public telephone boxes which are abundant both in Athens and on the islands. The OTE public telephone boxes only accept phone cards which you may purchase from any local kiosk or newsagents.

41. Will I be able to use my mobile phone while in Greece?

The mobile phone operators in Greece use a GSM network so if your cell phone is compatible you should be able to use your mobile phone while in Greece through roaming. We strongly recommend that you contact the customer services department of your mobile telecommunications provider and inquire about switching on this function and any additional charges associated with this feature. 
Keep in mind that even though you will be travelling throughout the Aegean and visiting secluded islands, mobile phone coverage in Greece is excellent.

42. What new security measures apply for airline travel?

As of November 2006 all flights within the European Union (including domestic flights within Greece) are subject to the security changes concerning liquids and travel baggage arrangements. 

Due to the extremely strict security measures there are restrictions on the quantity of liquids (if any) that can be taken through the security check points. For further information please visit the US Transportation Security Administration web page on transportation and airport security www.tsa.gov

Please do not forget that the above security measures apply to all airports within the EU, with no exceptions.

43. Do restrictions apply with regards to bringing specific foods or plants back from holiday?

Before traveling please contact the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for detailed information on personal food and plant imports. For further information visit the USDA web site: www.usda.gov

44. Can I flush toilet paper in Greece?

In the majority of cases, the answer is no. Much of Greece’s sewage system was installed during the 1930’s and 40’s using sewage pipes that are 2 inches diameter (only half the size of sewage pipes in the United States). As a result, the Greek sewage system simply cannot cope with paper waste. A waste basket is usually provided by the side of the toilet where hygienic products can be disposed of. These baskets are emptied by cleaning staff regularly so you don’t need to worry about the potential of any unhygienic issues.

Interested in more Specific Details?

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