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Athens – Arachova – Meteora – Zagorohoria – Thessaloniki

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True Discovery
We recommend our True Discovery vacation package to guests who want to experience a different side of Greece. This Greek islands luxury vacation package delivers an extraordinary journey through some of the most authentic destinations of Greece. Explore ‘unknown’ Greece and experience the mainland’s diverse and majestic natural environment, traditional villages, incredible landscapes, and vibrant cities.
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Prices for our customized True Greece trips start at $250 per person per day.

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The Destinations
The Plan Our True Greece itineraries feature outstanding boutique and resort hotels, exceptional dining experiences, and amazing pre-planned excursions. At the same time, True Greece itineraries are designed to allow you the freedom and flexibility to venture off on your own. You will have access to our True Greece Recommendations Guides every step of your trip to help you choose from a meticulously researched range of options for activities and dining.

As you review this itinerary, please keep in mind that this is an itinerary suggestion and the described destinations and activities represent only an example of the many alternatives from which we can help you choose.
Athens – 2 nightsDAY 1
Athens, Greece Welcome to Greece! Upon arrival at the Athens airport, you will be met by your True Greece transfer representative, who will assist you with transportation to your first night's Athens luxury hotel. Once you have settled, take advantage of our travel recommendations and head out to explore Athens’ exciting neighborhoods such as Plaka, Monastiraki, or Kolonaki.

During your first exploration, you’re sure to get a glimpse of the beauty of the most famous Greek landmark, the Parthenon. You’ll have the opportunity to explore this ancient monument during your second stay in Athens. If you have not included a guided tour of the New Acropolis Museum as part of your Athens tour, then this would be a perfect opportunity to discover this incredible museum. Be sure to enjoy your first Greek cuisine experience at one of our True Greece recommended Athens restaurants or traditional tavernas.

DAY 2 Today you will enjoya day-tripto the ancient site of Mycenae and the ancient theater of Epidavros with your local True Greece guide. According to tradition, Mycenae was founded by Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae, and is without a doubt the most important prehistoric site in all of Greece. In fact, as the center of one of the most important prehistoric societies, it has given its name to that phase: the Mycenaean civilization. Today, surrounded by a wall with two main entrances, you will find various buildings such as warehouses, houses, workshops, and numerous ancient graves and tombs, including Legendary King Agamemnon's!

Having learned about the Mycenean civilization, it’s time to see where modern theater began! The highlight of your day will most likely be your tour of Epidavros, where you will most certainly admire the renowned ancient theater - hosting to this day about 12,300 spectators - as well as the Sanctuary of Asklepios, the most celebrated healing center in the ancient Greek world. Your True Greece guide will describe the captivating history of this area, bringing the region’s ancient stories to life!
Arachova – 2 nightsDAY 1
Arachova, GreeceWake up fresh in the morning to travel approximately 2 hours north of Athens to Mt. Parnassos. Arrive at the town of Arachovaand check-in at your luxury mountain resort hotel.

The most intriguing feature of Arachova is its stunning natural beauty ~ something that has made it one of the most popular resorts for Athenians to escape to during the winter. Enjoy the day by taking a peaceful walk in the main village, sampling typical Greek food in atmospheric tavernas.

Arachova is a mere 20-minute drive from the sanctuary of Delphi,one of the most stunning archaeological sites in the world. Surrounded by beautiful forests and brilliant vistas, it’s no wonder this site was regarded by the ancients as the “navel” of the world. Regarded as a spiritual, cultural and religious center, Delphi gave rise to the renowned Oracle, which according to legend predicted, amongst other things, the heroic fall of King Leonidas of Sparta at Thermopylae. Your local True Greece guide will walk you through this fascinating archaeological site and expose you to the myths and legends of ancient Greece.

Whether breathing in the fresh air of the Greek mountains, sipping coffee in the village cafes, learning about the region’s ancient history or trying traditional Greek recipes in tiny tavernas, sharing Greek village life will be an experience you will remember forever!

Meteora – 1 night DAY 1
Meteora, GreeceToday you will journey approximately 2.5 hours further north to the region of Thessalia. As you approach the town of Kalambaka, you can’t help but notice the imposing and most impressive peaks of Meteora. Literally meaning “suspended in the air” in Greek, Meteora boasts one of the most impressive and dramatic landscapes in the world. Shaped by the elements, the Meteora natural rock formations are of brown sandstone and their creation dates back some 60 million years.

Check-in to your hotel and then meet your local True Greece guide to explore some of the most breathtaking and distinctive monasteries in all of Greece. Follow your local True Greece guide up the huge rock formations, and enjoy a tour of these unique UNESCO world heritage sites. Following your tour, enjoy the evening at your leisure to explore the small town of Kalambaka, and have dinner at one of the traditional tavernas.

Zagorohoria – 3 nights DAY 1
This morning you will continue your journey north to the region of Epirus and to the famous area of Zagorohoria (also known as Zagori). Home to 46 of Greece’s most authentic villages, the natural environment of impressive mountain peaks covered in lush forests is visually incredible, and breathtakingly inspiring. Having arrived and checked-in to your traditional stone-built Zagori boutique hotel, you will immediately feel that you have come to a place where Mother Nature must call paradise. We recommend a quiet evening in your local village, getting rested for a full day of exploration tomorrow!

Start fresh this morning for a day of exploration with your own driver. With over 40 villages to visit, we recommend spending quality time exploring and experiencing a few of the most picturesque. Some of the towns that you will visit will include the well-known Monodendri, just a few minutes drive to the ‘Vikos Balcony’, a perched look-out over the remarkable Vikos Gorge. The town of Dilofo, which is for the most part uninhabited, offers a quaint cafe in center square. Despite the fact that only peace and tranquillity reside in this village, you will not be disappointed that you are among the few people wandering the narrow streets admiring the organization and architecture of this village. Perhaps the most well-known and ‘archetypal’ Zagori villages, you will have the opportunity to discover Micro (‘Little’) Papingo and Megalo (‘Big’) Papingo. Megalo Papingo offers cafes and restaurants perfect for an afternoon break, while Micro Papingo offers few cafes, but is still worth the visit for a picturesque stroll through its narrow stone laid streets. After a full day of exploration, returning to your local village will feel like you’re returning to your own individual mountain hideaway.

Today we recommend that you spend the day at your leisure. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may choose to take part in one of the many outdoor activities of the area, including hiking, rock climbing, and rafting. If you feel up for exploring more villages and seeing more of the area, your driver will be available to you. Perhaps you want nothing more than a simply peaceful day in your own local village – feel free to do exactly as you please today!

The experience of being in Zagorohoria is truly remarkable as there’s nothing that can compare to breathing perfectly fresh air and being surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes. It is for this reason that travelers who are ‘in-the-know’, describe Zagorohoria as perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Greece!

Thessaloniki – 2 nights DAY 1
Thessaloniki, GreeceEnjoy a scenic ride northeast through villages and small towns to the city of Thessaloniki. Named after the step sister of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. Having seen the rise and fall of many civilizations: Macedonian-Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and that of Jews and of modern Greeks, Thessaloniki (many times also referred to as ‘Salonika’), has a multifaceted culture and cosmopolitan character. Arrive and settle-in to your luxury city hotel. Once you feel well and ready to head out exploring, our recommendation is to ‘get lost’ in the bustling city streets and definitely stroll along the welcoming harbor promenade. After a full day of travel and exploration, choose one of our True Greece restaurant recommendations and enjoy some of Thessaloniki’s famous mezedes!

Today you will have the opportunity to truly get-to-know this northern Greek city. As the second major economic, commercial and political center of modern Greece, together with your local True Greece guide, explore this fascinating city and learn about its most important historic, cultural, architectural and religious monuments. Taking you through the city’s rich Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and Jewish history, you will also have the opportunity to visit the Archaeological and Byzantine Museums.

If you are still eager to explore and learn more, we recommend discovering more of the city’s Jewish history. Under Turkish rule, Thessaloniki continued to flourish as an important commercial center and port, and in the 18th and 19th centuries had developed a very strong Jewish community; so strong that many actually referred to the city as the “second Jerusalem”. Given the honorary title of “Mother of Israel,” Thessaloniki was home to the largest Jewish community of the world for the best part of two centuries. Having been deported by the Nazi forces during the Second World War, the Jewish community of Thessaloniki was considerably diluted and weakened. However, Thessaloniki still remains a city with strong Jewish ties and a prominent Jewish community. Visit the Monastirioton or the Yad Lezicaron Synagogue, the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, or perhaps tour one of the few Jewish residences that survived the devastating fire of 1917; a fire that burned most of the city.

However you choose to spend the rest of your day in Thessaloniki, we are sure that you will definitely feel the warm embrace of this beautiful city.

Athens – 1 night Athens, GreeceReturn to Athens, where you'll enjoy the last memorable day of your True Greece luxury vacation package. In the afternoon, take a tour of Athensand its most significant sights together with your local True Greece guide. Of course, no vacation package to Athens is complete without a climb to the Acropolis ("peak of the city"), where Ancient Athenians of the 5th century BC erected the great temple dedicated to the goddess Athena - the extraordinary Parthenon. You will also see the Ancient Agora, as well as some of the finest structures of modern Athens, such as the Kalimarmaro Stadium, home of the first modern Olympics in 1896, and the old Royal Palace and today's Parliament, with the elite unit known as the Evzones guarding the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. Finally, celebrate the end of your luxury travel experience with a farewell dinner at one of our recommended Athens restaurants.

You're sure to leave Athens, full of wonderful memories, having found a new and comfortable home in Greece.
We look forward to welcoming you back soon!

The above itinerary is an itinerary suggestion for your Greece vacation and the described destinations and activities represent only an example of the many alternatives from which we can help you choose.
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Prices for our customized True Greece trips start at $250 per person per day.

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